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10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Face Masks

10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Face Masks – I am giving you ten reasons why you should be talking about face masks. #FaceMasks

10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Face Masks

10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Face Masks - I am giving you ten reasons why you should be talking about face masks. #FaceMasks

1. Face Masks Mandates

Everywhere you go you see a sign at establishments saying face masks or face coverings are required beyond this point or for entry. In some cases, they are outside employees policing the enforcement.

2. Are Face Masks Working or not working?

There is many debates on if face masks work or not. If they do or don’t, which types of masks work or don’t work. There are many debates if they are working or not working. However, many cities, are stating declining rates in where mask mandates are in order.

3. Where do I wear my face mask?

This is a good question! Where do I wear my face mask and where can I remove my face mask. That does get people talking too! Well check with each establishment before entering. Usually it is posted at the entrance.

4. How do I wear my face mask?

People are unsure of how to properly wear the face masks. A lot of people do not realize you must over both your nose and mouth. Never half mask!

Check out this blog post

5. How do I clean my face mask?

So how do I exactly clean and take care of my face masks. Some people are unsure of how to clean or wash their face masks.

Learn more about cleaning your cloth face mask!

6. How do I dispose of my face mask?

People are also not disposing of face masks properly, especially disposable ones. They are just tossing them on the ground, parking lot, etc. They need to be properly toss in the garbage!

Learn more about disposing of face masks!

7. Was there a face mandate in the past?

Of courses there was in 1919 over the Spanish Flu! Learn more about that!


8. Can I share my face mask?

Never ever share your face mask! That can put you and the other person or people in harms way of viruses and germs. Check out this video from Corryton Elementary, Mask, Mask Safety!

9. Can I make my own face masks?

Yes! It is very simple! You can hand sew them or use a sewing machine. Often, you can find cheap sewing machines that work at a thrift shop. But they are very easy to make.

I am a guy and make handmade face masks! There are many face mask templates out there to use!

10. How much do face masks cost?

There are all kinds of cost of face masks. That also depends on the type of face masks it is. Yes, you can get packages of them at retail stores cheap, that is because they are mass produced.

However, custom ones like that on SteveZ MaskZ, range from $5 to $10 per face masks. Keep in mind the time it takes for a person to make the mask. The cost of fabric, elastic, thread and gas to go to the store to buy fabric. Some fabric cost more than others.

Also note, if someone is selling on sites like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Mercari, OfferUp, etc. All of those sites also have selling and listing fees. That is usually added into the cost as well. Sometimes shipping is added in.

Notes About Each Face Mask

  • Fabric: Handmade using 100% Cotton
  • Size: Adult Size (Fit Bigger Than Most) I use a 10 Inch x 8 Inch - Which is pleated down.
  • Style: Pleated
  • Filter Pocket: Yes the slit in the back can be used as a filter pocket
  • Closure: Either black or white elastic, 7-8 Inches each side, tucked inside the seem.
  • Layers: There are two layers, the front design and a solid color in the back
  • Pattern Location: Pattern location will vary with each mask made. In some cases the design may be tossed (right-side up, upside down, sideways, slant ways, etc. all in the design).

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