Snoopy Flying Ace Face Mask


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Snoopy Flying Ace Face Mask
Adult size
Cotton fabric

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Snoopy Flying Ace Face Mask
Adult size
Cotton fabric

Snoopy Flying Ace Face Mask, a great mask for the Snoopy Fan. Maybe the World War I Flying Ace Can get the Red Barron.



Character placement may vary with each mask made.

My mask fit a bit bigger than most mask! My front fabric I cut 10” wide. When it is pleated down and all the sewing is done, it is turned right-side out. Usually the mask width comes to around 9 1/4 to 9 1/2 inches wide. Plus or minus. I also use 7 inches of elastic on each side, it is tucked inside on the inside seam.

I will use either black or white elastic depending on what’s in stock.

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