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Treat your mask like underwear

Treat your mask like underwear – creative bulletin boards are popping up in schools like these about face masks.

Treat your mask like underwear

Treat your mask like underwear
  • Do not share it
  • Change it daily
  • Make sure it’s clean
  • Do not borrow or lend it
  • Make sure it fits snug, but not too tight

I’m not sure where this was taken, saw it’s on Facebook.

I also saw one in French …

Ton masque, c’est comme tea bobettes

Ton masque, c’est comme tea bobettes
  • Ne le partage pas
  • A l’emprunte pas à un ami
  • Change-le à Roy’s les jour
  • Assure-toi qu’il soit bien ajusté mais pas trope serré
  • Assure-toi qu’il soit toujours propre

Creative indeed! Have you all seen ones like these? If so feel free to tell us about it in the comments below.

Also if you know what school and/or teacher did these, let us know so we can add proper credit.

Notes About Each Face Mask

  • Fabric: Handmade using 100% Cotton
  • Size: Adult Size (Fit Bigger Than Most) I use a 10 Inch x 8 Inch - Which is pleated down.
  • Style: Pleated
  • Filter Pocket: Yes the slit in the back can be used as a filter pocket
  • Closure: Either black or white elastic, 7-8 Inches each side, tucked inside the seem.
  • Layers: There are two layers, the front design and a solid color in the back
  • Pattern Location: Pattern location will vary with each mask made. In some cases the design may be tossed (right-side up, upside down, sideways, slant ways, etc. all in the design).

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