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What’s that slit in the back of my face mask?

What’s that slit in the back of my face mask? Ever notice a small slit in the back of your handmade face mask?

What’s that slit in the back of my face mask?

I think my face mask is damaged or torn, there is a hole or a slit in the back of it! That is actually one question, someone asked me. I had to inform them of the purpose. So I figured I would share with you my readers …

What's that slit in the back of my face mask?

What slit? Like the one in the above image! Some handmade face masks don’t offer this option or they complete close it up and sew the slit.

First purpose

That slit serves as a purpose. The first purpose is to turn the face mask right side out, after doing the sewing on the internal parts.

Other Functional Purpose

The other purpose, is to add something to the inside …

If you choose to do so, you may add a type of filter on the inside to add extra protection. It is optional and you don’t have to. That is why I leave the slit like that on the Face Masks at SteveZ MaskZ.

I don’t use a filter, but there are filters you can buy and use inside. I have heard of people using coffee filters and/or paper towels. However, I am not sure how effective those things are. If you choose to use it, I would find filters that can go on the inside.

Notes About Each Face Mask

  • Fabric: Handmade using 100% Cotton
  • Size: Adult Size (Fit Bigger Than Most) I use a 10 Inch x 8 Inch - Which is pleated down.
  • Style: Pleated
  • Filter Pocket: Yes the slit in the back can be used as a filter pocket
  • Closure: Either black or white elastic, 7-8 Inches each side, tucked inside the seem.
  • Layers: There are two layers, the front design and a solid color in the back
  • Pattern Location: Pattern location will vary with each mask made. In some cases the design may be tossed (right-side up, upside down, sideways, slant ways, etc. all in the design).

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